Why Certify

Netragard’s Certification Program enables you to clearly demonstrate to your customers that you’ve taken the appropriate measures to harden single systems, web applications, or entire IT Infrastructures. Receiving certification from Netragard is a true testament to your security posture.

What is the process?

The certification process involves aggressive testing, vulnerability reporting through a defect tracking system, real-time vulnerability remediation, retesting to ensure that issues are fixed properly and finally issue elimination. The only way to receive certification is to eliminate all reasonable risks that are identified by Netragard’s team.

What do I get?

Once testing is complete and all discovered vulnerabilities are successfully eliminated Netragard will provide you with a certificate of security. The certificate outlines which targets were tested, how they were tested, at what threat level they were tested at, and provides a date for the time of certification. In addition, Netragard will provide a seal of security that can optionally be advertised on websites, in emails, etc. The seal of security can be linked back to a copy of the certificate hosted on Netragard’s website.