Netragard is a security company that delivers top quality anti-hacking services (penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, web application security testing, etc) to its customers via the realistic reproduction of threats. Netragard’s primary differentiator is that its services are the product of Real Time Dynamic Testing™ as opposed to the more common product of automated tools. Additionally, Netragard maintains its own Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development team.

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Real Time Dynamic Testing™ is an advanced methodology created by Netragard’s Research Team. This methodology enables Netragard to apply dynamic Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development techniques to various aspects of testing during service delivery. Because of Real Time Dynamic Testing™, Netragard’s deliverables contain no False Positives and often include findings that cannot be identified with industry standard testing methodologies.

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Netragard was founded by Adriel T Desautels in May of 1998, under the original name of SNOsoft, on the premise of performing unbiased, technically advanced, low level security research against all variants of technology.
Netragard also maintains the Exploit Acquisition Program. This program is specifically designed to identify, acquire, and examine the latest cyber weaponry (“exploit”) in use by hackers worldwide. When a new exploit is acquired, it is used for specific research purposes that help to counter high-risk threats before they have a chance to become high-impact incidents.

Netragard’s client base includes research organizations, major financial institutions, manufacturing companies, healthcare companies, major pharmaceuticals, and other organizations that have high-value sensitive information to protect. Netragard customizes its methodologies and their respective modules to meet the unique requirements of each individual client. This customization is important, as no two networks or networked devices are identical.

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In conjunction with offering Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services, Netragard also offers more specialized services to clients with unique requirements. These specialized services include, but are not limited to, Forensic Research, Malware Analysis, Vulnerability Research, and exploit development (restricted to specific clients).

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