The LA TimesWhy few hackers are lining up to help FBI crack iPhone encryption
The New York Times – Nations Buying as Hackers Sell Flaws in Computer Code
My Fox Boston – MIT student apologizes for sending fake email saying threats cancel class
My Fox Boston
– Privacy concerns rise as personal drone market expands
– This Year, why not Take your Data Seriously?
: Cyberwar’s Gray Market
Should the secretive hacker zero-day exploit market be regulated?

Forbes: Shopping For Zero-Days: A Price List For Hackers’ Secret Software Exploits
Boston police website hackers want revenge for Occupy eviction
Forbes: How To Hack A Company With A Trojan Mouse
Mission Impossible Mouse Attack
E&T: IT security: isolating the problem
Embedded Systems Security: Connect to chaos
Fox 25 News – Hacking Your Car.
Why selling exploits is a good idea.
Cars: The next hacking frontier?
Inside The Brains Of A Professional Bank Hacking Team

To Battle Computer Hackers, the Pentagon Trains Its Own
Attack exploits just-patched Mac security bug
How Hackers Find Your Weak Spots
Baited and duped on Facebook
Viewpoint San Deigo Wi-Fi @ 40,000 Feet
CBS TV – Hackers on a plane
Forbes – Know Thy Network

Hacking Networks With Facebook
Our CTO comments on Conficker
Netragard in Forbes on Social Networking
Netragard in Securitywatch on Biz vs Security
Cambium Group, LLC. — Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities
Our CTO – We’re really vulnerable
Our CTO in EETimes
Professional IT Security Service Providers Exposed – Netragard (A+)
Netragard Comments – How long before an all out Cyberwar?
Netragard Comments – ‘Hacker Safe’ seal: Web site shield, or target?
Netragard in SC Magazine
Netragard in Forbes – Hackers Welcome.
Forbes – Netragard’s SNOsoft comments on China’s Cyber Shield.
eWeek – eBay-like Bug Site Doomed – Comments from our CTO.
Forbes – Adriel Desautels comments on EAP.
| Maia Mailguard 1.0.2 | Arbitrary Code Execution
ZDNET – Adriel Desautels comments on Mac security.
| FrontBase Database <= 4.2.7 | Exploitable Buffer Overflow Condition | POC
| McAfee VirusScan for Mac (Virex <= 7.7) | Exploitable Buffer Overflow Condition
| Article | IDS and IPS – A False Sense of Security
01/30/07 | @Mail Webmail XSRF – poor input validation | Cross Site Request Forgery
| @Mail Webmail XSS – poor input validation | Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
| Tru64 buffer overflow – libpthread | arbitrary code execution vulnerability
| HP-UX & Tru64 privilege escalation – dtmail | Arbitrary code execution vulnerability
| Apple OSX kextload | Local Root Compromise due to multiple vulnerabilitiey

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