What is Vulnerability Research?

Vulnerability Research is the process by which security flaws in technology are identified. Vulnerability research can but does not always involve reverse engineering, code analysis, static analysis, etc. Performing vulnerability research against technology pre-release enables technology vendors to provide their customers with higher quality products and higher levels of trust and security.

What are the benefits of doing this?

If you do not check the security of your technology then you can rest assured that malicious hackers will. Vulnerability research helps to identify and eliminate security flaws that might otherwise be exploited by malicious hackers. Successful exploitation can lead to system compromise, data loss, data corruption, theft of intellectual property, theft of sensitive data, loss of service, and sometimes loss of life.

Who can use vulnerability research services?

Any technology vendor can use vulnerability research services. We have extensive experience in evaluating everything from simple software suites and business applications to complex automotive systems and hardware appliances.

Why should we hire Netragard to do this for us?

We can provide you with access to an extraordinary research team and access Veracode’s binary analysis technology. That means that not only will you get the benefit of working directly with real, hands on, experts but you will also be given access to a portal that you can use at any point to do a self evaluation of your technology.

What do I get from this service?

We provide you with access to our defect tracking and team collaboration system. As the project progresses we report our findings to the defect tracking system and you receive realtime notification of issues as they are discovered. You are also able to use the system to interact with and communicate directly to the researchers involved in your project.

What is the end result?

The end result is a final report that outlines all of the issues that we were able to find. The report provides low level technical details about the issues and their respective methods for remediation. In some cases, when requested and as authorized we will provide Proof of Concept (exploit) code to the customer. Proof of Concept code enables us to provide irrefutable proof of vulnerability.

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