The Exploit Acquisition Program enables Netragard to collect exclusive intelligence about 0-day vulnerabilities, to identify new methods of exploitation, and to find new and otherwise rare talent. The product of the program is used to augment Netragard’s advanced service offerings and to satisfy specific and unique client requirements. Netragard urges software vendors to become registered members of the program as to help facilitate more secure computing environments for their customers.

Researcher Registration

If you are an ethical exploit developer and you want fair pay for your hard work then you’ve come to the right place. Moreover, when we buy an exploit you know you are selling it to a legitimate buyer when you sell to Netragard. You can rest assured that the exploit will only be provided to vetted US based buyers who have a legitimate need for such technology.

To register for EAP please email with the following information:

1- Two scanned copies of legal photo ID
2- Your current home address
3- Your current employer name, address & telephone number
4- Your PGP key
5- Your telephone number

Note: You will be required to execute a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement to complete registration.

Buyer Registration

Netragard welcomes new US based buyers and especially urges software vendors to participate in the program. Netragard maintains a policy of strict confidence and will not disclose buyer information to any third parties.

Buyers can submit registration inquires to:

Ethics & Legalities

The Exploit Acquisition Program is operated legally and ethically. Any concerns or questions with regards to our program should be directed to Netragard supports the concept of a properly regulated exploit market and does not condone unethical or illegal activity.

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