We protect you from people like us.

  • Netragard - Penetration Testing Company

    We protect you from people like us.

    Penetration Testing, Red Teaming, Application Security Testing and more...

  • Netragard - Penetration Testing Company

    What We Do

    Our penetration testing services can match any level of threat and can be delivered with or without the use of automated vulnerability scanners.

  • Netragard - Penetration Testing Company

    We Aren’t Robots

    Our services and reports are custom tailored to meet the unique requirements of each and every customer.

  • Netragard - Penetration Testing Company

    We Aren’t Robots

    Real Time Dynamic Testing is our proprietary methodology augmented by over 20 years of experience in zeroday vulnerability research and exploit development.

  • Netragard - Penetration Testing Company

    We Are Independent

    We don't just find vulnerabilities, we also identify the existing Paths to Compromise.


Penetration Testing Service

Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in network connected devices using Real Time Dynamic Testing™. Tests are delivered at levels of threat that range from basic to highly advanced against both internal and external networks.

Application Security Testing Service

Application Security Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in web applications, mobile applications, fat clients and other targets using our Real Time Dynamic Testing™ methodology derived from our 0-day vulnerability research and exploit development practices.

Source Code Review Service

Source Code Review

Identify vulnerabilities in your software by leveraging our internationally recognized 0-day vulnerability research and exploit development expertise. This service is ideal for augmenting your software development lifecycle.

Research Projects Service

Research Projects

We provide custom tailored projects to customers with unique security requirements. Projects include but are not limited to hardware research, software research, advanced offensive testing, and reverse engineering.


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Protecting Your Business From Your Remote Workforce

A significant portion of your workforce is currently moving to perform full- or part-time remote work as a result of COVID-19.  As you modify your business processes and workflows to accommodate this change, it’s important to understand how remote work affects your cybersecurity posture and what openings and opportunities exist [...]

Hacking casinos with zeroday exploits

Most popular email programs like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc. have a convenient feature that enables them to remember the email addresses of people that have been emailed.  Without this feature people would need to recall email addresses from memory or copy and paste from an address book. This [...]

How to Price a Penetration Test

This video provides and overview of the two most common methodologies for pricing a penetration test. How Much Should You Spend On Penetration Testing Services The most common question asked is "how much will it cost for you to deliver a penetration test to us?". Rather than responding to those [...]

Inside The Brains Of A Professional Bank Hacking Team

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Netragard was founded in 2006 and has an established reputation for providing high-quality offensive and defensive security services. Our services identify the ways that a customer network can be breached and provide effective and efficient preventative solutions. This is accomplished by leveraging Real Time Dynamic Testing™, which safely produces a level of threat that matches or exceeds most real-world malicious hacking scenarios.


We are grateful for the support of Netragard as we serve America’s military families. Their methodology, teamed with their proprietary toolset, truly sets them apart as an industry leader in cybersecurity. They were able to uncover paths to compromise previously undiscovered by other vulnerability assessment professionals and their reporting made it simple for us to remediate them. Their efforts and expertise allow us to better protect our donor and military family information. – Troy Kasbarian, Vice President, Information Technology & General Services at Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront

We sought Netragard’s assistance in performing a thorough code security review of our very large cybersecurity application. The code base is vast, stretching across multiple platforms and operating systems, and as a cybersecurity application, we needed to ensure that we had the best team at our backs. Having worked in the highest levels of our nation’s cybersecurity concerns, I reached out to former coworkers who worked in the field themselves, and when I asked them who they would use to perform a code security review, the answer was the same: “Netragard. Period.” – Chief Product Officer

Computer & Network Security Organization

I’ve been a Netragard customer for over 10 years. While working for a large financial services firm, I came across Netragard and was immediately impressed with their unique view points on security. Their approach to identifying the scope of work by first mapping out the attack surface was vastly different from other vendors. The Netragard experience was an improvement over the assessments we were used to. My business and technical colleagues were amazed by Netragard’s transparency and no-nonsense logic, which became the foundation for our business relationship. – Security Engineer

Non-Profit Organization

Initially, when I came across Netragard, I thought they are not part of “Big 4” companies, what expertise do they really have? I deal with those companies and have a certain expectation. They proved my theory absolutely wrong and succeeded those expectations! Firstly, let’s talk scope and commercials, which is always a prime focus of any engagement. They scoped the project live to me based on my environment on their own and not the usual way by requesting IP quantity information from me. Continue Reading

Government Entity

We use Netragard to act as our White Hats. They are very good and cost effective. Before you select a vendor, do yourself a favor and talk with them. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it and at an agreed price. All work was performed remotely and all deliverables were electronic, including an executive summary and detailed analysis for my Engineering staff. They even went so far as to help us determine best practices, so as to mitigate our exposure. I couldn’t be happier with them.

Financial Institution

One of the reasons I decided to go with Netragard for my penetration testing needs is because it was the only vendor I could find that performed manual testing in the same vein as actual hackers out on the internet as opposed to automated scanning tools. Most vendors I found offered automated services only while my pen testing requirements demanded manual testing. So by simple disqualification, Netragard got my business! However, the main reason to select Netragard turned out to be their quality customer service and their track record in the industry. As long as I require penetration testing, I will be a client of Netragard.

Cloud Service Provider