7 Questions You Must Ask Every Penetration Testing Company Before You Hire Them

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Here’s what people have to say about us:

We received proposals from a half-dozen potential Vendors and Netrgard’s proposal was by far the most comprehensive.

They also seemed ahead of their competitors in essentially all technical security matters. We, therefore, selected them to perform a Blind External Penetration Test along with both remote and on-site social engineering. A thorough review of our physical security was also included.

We were very pleased with the results of their review. In tandem with our own IT Security Group, they we able to clearly identify where our IT security was strong and where it needed to be improved.

They provided us with practical recommendations to improve not only our technical IT security, but also advised us of needed enhancements to our physical security, while also advising us on how to limit our susceptibility to social engineering tactics. We were very impressed with the Netragard Team and would consider them for future engagements.

By Frank Berry

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