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McAfee VirusScan for Mac (Virex) – local root compromise

Netragard has released another vulnerability. This time it is a local root compromise using McAfee VirusScan for Mac. Granted this isn't all that exciting but if you're at all interested it can be found here., LLC. -- The Specialist in Anti Hacking.

@Mail Webmail Security Research

The SNOsoft Research Team recently performed a light weight security assessment of the @Mail Webmail product. @Mail is very much like OWA with respect to look, feel and functionality. The result of this research project was the discovery of two bugs in the product. These bugs were released as formal advisories by Netragard and can be viewed below:, LLC. -- The Specialist in Anti Hacking.

Month of Web Application Bugs (MOWAB)

Inspired by Kevin at digitalmunitions who also happens to be the Chief Research Officer at Netragard L.L.C., one of the original founders of SNOsoft, and his current Month of Apple Bugs (MOAB), SNOsoft will be working to produce the Month of Web Application Bugs (MOWAB). Any researchers interested in participating should email me directly at [email protected], or just post a comment to this blog.I should note, credit for this idea [...]

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