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What we do

Netragard was founded in 2006 and has an established reputation for providing high-quality offensive and defensive security services. Our services identify the ways that a customer network can be breached and provide effective and efficient preventative solutions.   This is accomplished by leveraging Real Time Dynamic Testing™, which safely produces a level of threat that matches or exceeds most real-world malicious hacking scenarios.

Our customers

Netragard’s customer portfolio is comprised of public and private sector organizations across numerous industries that take their own security very seriously. Our customers include but are not limited to major Las Vegas casinos, wealth management firms, the largest wholesale distributors in the world, pharmaceutical companies, large and small banks, healthcare providers, SAAS (cloud) providers, and more.

Our Methodology

Real Time Dynamic Testing™ is an advanced penetration testing methodology that is unique to Netragard and derived from vulnerability research & exploit development practices. The methodology is highly extensible and often incorporates components from the OWASP, the OSSTMM, bleeding edge offensive tactics, and more.  Real Time Dynamic Testing™ can be delivered entirely without automated vulnerability scanning.

The Netragard Challenge

If Netragard fails to breach a customer network when testing with its fully unrestricted methodology then the service is delivered free of charge.  If Netragard succeeds at breaching the customer network then the customer pays the full cost of the service plus an additional %20.  Since 2006 a total of 5 customers have accepted and failed the challenge.  To date, Netragard maintains a zero-fail rate when testing in an unrestricted manner.