Real Time Dynamic Testing

Real Time Dynamic Testing™ is an advanced methodology created by Netragard’s Research Team. This methodology enables Netragard to apply dynamic Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development techniques to many aspects of testing during service delivery. Because of Real Time Dynamic Testing™, Netragard’s penetration testing deliverables are guaranteed to be free of false positives and usually include findings that cannot be identified with industry standard testing methodologies.
Real Time Dynamic Testing™ is highly flexible and designed to be augmented by specific modules based on customer requirements. Modules include but are not limited to key components of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM), key components of the Open Web Application Security Program (OWASP), and Netragard proprietary modules like the Pseudo-Malware Module , the Stealth Testing Module, Aggressive Social Engineering modules, and the Managed Security Service Provider Response Evaluation module. (A full menu of available modules is provided in each Scope of Work).