How To Get A Superior Manual Penetration Test With Passing Report For Less Than The Cost Of A Low Quality Automated Software Based Test 


Here’s the problem with most penetration testing methodologies.

Most penetration testing services are not genuine manual penetration tests, they are thinly disguised vulnerability scans.  A genuine penetration test should be a manual process and conducted by a highly skilled engineer who uses his skill to break into your environment in the same way that a malicious hacker would if you were targeted.
You can spot a thinly disguised scanning based service by the way you receive a price quote for testing services. If you are simply asked for your number of IP addresses and a few questions about your environment during the quotation process, you are being sold a scan based service and NOT a genuine manual penetration test.
In simple terms automated software based penetration testing is similar to running an anti-virus scan.  On the other hand, with manual penetration testing you get a highly skilled ethical hacker who breaks into your systems and shows you how he got in so that you can repair your issues before real, malicious hackers target you and try to break in.
Automated software scans only find up to 30% of vulnerabilities at their best. This leaves you wide open for attack. Don’t be fooled by services attempting to sell you on how good their software based testing is.
If the cost for a manual penetration test is the same or less than the cost of an automated software scan, wouldn’t you rather have the manual penetration test? I know I would.

Netragard Penetration Testing Solutions

Compliance Penetration Testing

  • 3rd party passing Penetration Test to satisfy compliance needs
  • Fast testing turn around & report delivery
  • Designed to meet most budget needs

Advanced Penetration Testing

  • 3rd party passing Penetration Test to satisfy compliance needs
  • You are tested at the same level as a real world attack by malicious hackers to help you best harden your security
  • Designed for organizations that want the best penetration testing possible