Warning! Not all Penetration Tests are created equal

Most tests are nothing more than a thinly disguised vulnerability scan & this level of service can leave you with a false sense of security

If your PHI is breached it can be very costly, leading to monetary penalty charges, legal service fees, as well as damage to your reputation.
A quality Penetration Test can help you prevent a PHI breach from malicious hackers by allowing an ethical hacking team test you first with the primary goal of comprising your environment. You are then presented with remediation suggestions and advice.
Once you have successfully repaired your vulnerabilities the testing firm will return to retest you to make certain that your remediation efforts were successful.
This will give you piece of mind that you are not a sitting duck for an attack. Please find our penetration testing for healthcare guide below.
Penetration Testing for Healthcare

Free Guide – How To Choose The Right Penetration Testing Vendor