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Netragard Signage Snatching

By |2020-03-31T10:29:42-04:00February 25th, 2011|

Recently Netragard has had a few discussions with owners and operators of sports arenas, with the purpose of identifying methods in which a malicious hacker could potentially disrupt a sporting event, concert, or other large scale and highly visible event. During the course of the these [...]

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The Human Vulnerability

By |2020-03-31T10:33:49-04:00September 13th, 2010|

It seems to us that one of the biggest threats that businesses face today is socially augmented malware attacks. These attacks have an extremely high degree of success because they target and exploit the human element. Specifically, it doesn't matter how many protective technology layers you [...]

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Professional Script Kiddies vs Real Talent

By |2020-03-31T10:37:54-04:00March 4th, 2010|

The Good Guys in the security world are no different from the Bad Guys; most of them are nothing more than glorified Script Kidies. The fact of the matter is that if you took all of the self-proclaimed hackers in the world and you subjected them [...]

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Social Engineering — Its Nothing New

By |2020-03-31T10:38:20-04:00September 22nd, 2009|

With all the recent hype about Social Engineering we figured that we’d chime in and tell people what’s really going on. The fact is that Social Engineering is nothing more than a Confidence Trick being carried out by a Con Artist. The only difference between the [...]

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ROI of good security.

By |2020-03-31T10:44:57-04:00January 2nd, 2009|

The cost of good security is a fraction of the cost of damages that usually result from a single successful compromise. When you choose the inexpensive security vendor, you are getting what you pay for. If you are looking for a check in the box instead [...]

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