C&S Supply Testimonial

Initially, when I came across Netragard, I thought they are not part of "Big 4" companies, what expertise do they really have? I deal with those companies and have a certain expectation. They proved my theory absolutely wrong and succeeded those expectations! Firstly, let's talk scope and commercials, which is always a prime focus of any engagement. They scoped the project live to me based on my environment on their [...]

Financial Institution

We use Netragard to act as our White Hats. They are very good and cost effective. Before you select a vendor, do yourself a favor and talk with them. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it and at an agreed price. All work was performed remotely and all deliverables were electronic, including an executive summary and detailed analysis for my Engineering staff. [...]

Marty Kokes

Adriel (Netragard’s Founder) has been an exceptionally valuable resource for us as a security consultant. His recommendations have been unbiased and honest, if given the option of telling you what you want to hear versus the actual truth of the matter, I feel Adriel will give us the truth every time. It goes without saying that he holds a wealth of knowledge regarding IT/Internet security and best practices. His knowledge [...]

Cloud Service Provider

One of the reasons I decided to go with Netragard for my penetration testing needs is because it was the only vendor I could find that performed manual testing in the same vein as actual hackers out on the internet as opposed to automated scanning tools. Most vendors I found offered automated services only while my pen testing requirements demanded manual testing. So by simple disqualification, Netragard got my business! [...]

Pharmaceutical Company

We received proposals from a half-dozen potential Vendors and Netragard’s proposal was by far the most comprehensive. They also seemed ahead of their competitors in essentially all technical security matters. We, therefore, selected them to perform a Blind External Penetration Test along with both remote and on-site social engineering. A thorough review of our physical security was also included. We were very pleased with the results of their review. In [...]